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Carriage Pram Kit


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1/12th Scale miniature carriage pram kit. This 1/2th scale detailed kit has been designed to enable the seasoned crafter to be able to create their very own 1/2th scale dolls house carriage pram with moving hood, moving wheels and removable apron. All you need to complete this kit is your crafting tools, paint and glue. Everything else is included along with illustrated instructions and fabric. You could of course use your own fabric to truly personalise this kit. Please note this pram comes with a difficulty rating of three stars *** - please see below. If this kit is showing as out of stock please get in touch to find out when kits will be back in stock as demand is high so kits do tend to sell out quickly.

Difficulty ratings 1 Star * = Easy, should be quite simple to put together for most people. 2 Stars ** = Fairly straight forward but contains some 'tricky' sections that require a degree of accuracy. 3 Stars *** = Requires a good level of crafting knowledge, experience and accuracy. Contains some complex instructions.